Small Images/Icons Next to Dropdown menu entries

  • atree123


    Is there any way to place a small icon or image next to the text in each drop down menu entry?


    Syahir Hakim


    You can assign a class to the menu entry, and then use CSS to add the small icon or image.




    Thanks for this forum and your theme.

    I want the same as above: instead of text in my drop down menu I want to use icons. The coding that I know has merely been copied from these forums, and tweaked a bit.

    Could you explain to me how I can make this custom drop down menu? You are saying that I can assign a class to the menu entry (in my case they are my categories). What does that mean and how do I do it!

    Help! Terima kasih!!!



    Kenneth John Odle


    You can add an icon to the beginning of each menu item by adding this custom CSS:

    #nav li {
    list-style-image:url('directory to image you want to use');

    but then each will have the same icon.

    I think you are looking for something more like this, only without the text?

    In that case, you will need to use the class number of each menu item in the custom CSS and not bother with text. I’m not entirely sure how that to accomplish that just yet, however.

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