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    does anyone know why pages on my wordpress takes a long time to load? Or how to speed the loading time? Maybe I’ve done something wrong…


    Syahir Hakim


    A lot of processing is going on behind the scene to render each page, and the more plugins you install, the more processing is required, and the longer it takes for the page to load.

    When you’re done customising the site and populating content, you might want to look at several of the caching plugins available. I’d recommend W3 Total Cache (W3TC), but be warned that it may be a bit daunting to new users.



    Is the Graphene twitter widget using JSON to get API? read somewhere Twitter-widgets use a lot of loading time, and JSON needs the least (but again, I’m still pretty noob at all this tech stuff 🙂 ).. I already got a cache-plugin, but there’s not really much happening now on the site for it’s not live yet, so minimum data-requests… I think it’s in the twitter-widget.. Found this somewhere, but don’t know if it’s ‘better’ compared to yours.

    off topic; we’re getting ready to launch the site, so I’ll put it in ‘show-off’ thread this weekend 🙂 Don’t think many will understand ’cause it’s in Dutch, but will look for an easy english-translate plugin or something like that… Maybe I’ll translate it word by word…

    anyways, thanks once more! (looking forward for the upcomming update, since I’m really wondering what could be improved)



    Syahir Hakim


    Yes, it is using json for the twitter widget. I suppose that could be the cause, especially if you place it in the left sidebar.

    For what’s in Graphene 1.6, check out the latest post on

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    Is there a way to get around this? The twitter in left side is something that I don’t want to change… I’m setting up CloudFlare as well and looking in to some .htacces tweaking. anyway, thanks for the respons.

    Off Topic: read the post and will watch out for errors caused by my lack of programming 🙂 Thanks!

    Very Off Topic: just being curious; what’s that wheelchair-robot-thing you’re working on? Some Bionic Graphene thing we should know about before installing the update??


    Syahir Hakim


    In that case you might want to look for a Twitter plugin that uses asynchronous Javascript. The Graphene Twitter plugin does not (yet) do this.

    Lol… that’s the ancestor of the robot army that will inherit the Earth. Muahahaha… follow me if you want to survive.

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