Slider was working, but then it stopped

  • alisoncerier


    I was actually adjusting Graphene options and display options when the slider stopped working (featured post doesn’t change and clicking the dots below the post just redisplays the front page). However, I did deactivate and remove all of my plugins, cleared my cache, and tried the site again. Slider still doesn’t work.

    Any ideas?


    Syahir Hakim


    Did you enable the feature that shows front page posts by categories? If yes, that feature has a few known bugs, one of which is that it causes the slider to stop working. It has been fixed and will be available in future updates.



    I have a similar problem. My slider was working fine. Now it’s not. I only have two plug-ins. I disabled them all, but still, it’s not working. The only thing I did was to re-size the height of the slider to 100px. Any thoughts?



    Hi my first post in the forum and just let me say thanks for a great theme.

    I thought it was ever better until the problems I have had today. It is just driving me crazy. Yesterday the slider was working fine then for some unknown reason it just stopped working. I have been trying for hours to get it going again but with no luck. I have unistalled the theme, changed to another theme, then reinstalled Graphene, but still no good. I can see in an earlier post here that people had this problem, is there a way to fix it or do we have to wait until a newer version is released with the bug corrected.

    Any help would be fantastic as apart from the probles mentioned I am very happy with the theme – thanks




    It is most likely a plugin. What do you have installed?



    I have several plugins installed but had them installed before I installed Graphene theme and it was working fine. I have a feeling it may be because of the known bugs mentioned above by Syahir rather than my plugins. I will give you a list of what I have installed if you think you could help me figure out my problem but I don’t want to clutter up the thread with all my rubbish unless I think it will solve the problem.

    Thanks for showing an interest in my dilemma 🙂



    It is usually a plugin. All themes are not compatible with all plugins. Deactivate one by one until you find the one. Do you use a Cache like WP Super Cache or anything? That is the one that stopped my slider.



    Hi again I do not have that plugin loaded, but I will try to deactivate them in turn to see which (if any) solve the problem. I noticed at the site in your signature link that you also have a slider installed which also seems to have stopped. Have you left it in place despite knowing it is not working or didn’t you know it was stuck ?

    Thanks again for your help – I will get it sorted out sometime (I hope) ;0)



    The slider on my site is working 100%.

    The problem then might be your browser settings. Try another browser or make sure you have javascript enabled in your current browser.



    Well surprise surprise its all working again fine. I do not know why or how but it seems to have sorted itself out. I have a feeling the problems lay deep within my computer but exactly where I have no idea. The main thing is now it seems to be working again and also I’d just like to say thanks very much for your help with this problem.

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