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  • dominic



    I really love the way the way this slider works, and wondered if there was a way to adapt the way it displays the thumbnail image. I find this post:

    Which mentions 3 conditions for the slider image to work. Is there a way of creating/adding the following conditon:

    Find first image in post (eg. first tag) and rescale image to XX px by XX px

    The idea here being so I can reuse a slightly larger image in the post, and a relevant thumbnail for the post in the extract for the slider, and archive lists.



    Syahir Hakim


    You can simply set the first image that you use in the post as the featured image.



    I’m using images that are hosted externally, and so the only way I found this works is using custom URL, which doesn’t allow me to set thumbnail size, and I am automating some posts from an RSS feed, so It’s not really fitting into to my use case.


    Syahir Hakim


    It’s probably much easier to upload the image to your host and use that instead. Or if you’re automating posts from RSS feed, you can just simply set the width of the image and leave height to auto via CSS.



    thanks for the CSS tip. Unfortunately for any images coming in via RSS this doesn’t work, as they don’t fall into any of the three conditions noted in the thread I mentioned above.

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