Slider Suddenly Stopped Working

  • kyungs


    It’s been working fine and I haven’t changed a thing in any of my settings. In Chrome, the site otherwise appears fine except the slider box is completely empty. In IE, the slider colors and headers to the widgets are messed up too AND the slider box is empty. The site looks pretty dumb with a blank slider box so if we can’t fix this shortly, I’ll have to disable it. I’ve already tried disabling and re-enabling it to see if I could get it to re-start but no luck.

    Just tried it in firefox, same result as Chrome.

    I saw someone else’s posts in the forum with the same issue so I cleared cache (wp, system and browser) but still no luck. Oddly, when I access it via my iphone, it displays correctly but I can’t see the slider contents nor can another online friend.



    The slider is still not working. I asked some friends in Los Angeles to try it and the slider does not work on their machines or phones either. Any suggestions?


    Kenneth John Odle


    I just checked both of your sites and the slider is working fine. Try this for a possible solution and explanation:



    @Kenneth, thanks, I fixed mine earlier today via the comments on the other related thread.

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