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  • gbismarc


    I update to new version, and I use FireFox! Then I noticed with new post copy, paste and the flashing icon type indicator didn’t work! My theme is Graphene, the Slider and the Auto Ads stop working! My site is: and you helped me with another problem. I clear the cache in FireFox and added the Security preference function for FireFox user.js to allow clipboard because was getting error when trying to use copy & paste in post! I left the slide enabled so you can see, also the individual post us can see the missing ads space!

    Josh, I sent an email yesterday to you…I know you’re business! I looking for the change log for the update…can’t seem to find it!

    Thanks Gbismarc!

    I’ve disabled the Ultimate TlnyMCE, my auto ads are back, but still I have no Home page Image Slider! I want to use the Ultimate TlnyMCE! Correction in the previous post…I said icon and I meant cursor(flashing cursor) just stops, non functional on the post in using the entire Ultimate TlnyMCE! Any suggestions?


    Syahir Hakim


    Moved to Support. Please post in the correct section next time.

    As for the slider issue, this topic discusses it all:

    Try doing a search first before posting a new topic.

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