Slider stopped working

  • southxwest


    Also I have slider posts with 3 images but only the first is now showing. How do I re-activate the slider? (This was a customised feature done by Syahir for us)

    Site is



    The slider not working is most likely a jquery plugin conflict. My first guess would be the clock you have on your main page. Try removing that, and see if it solves your slider problem.



    The slider worked fine before and the clock has always been there though.


    Kenneth John Odle


    The clock isn’t showing GMT, anyway. It’s showing local time.



    +1 to Ken’s comment (I’m in India and it’s showing 7:52 here)

    I think showing clock on websites is totally useless. If anybody wants to know the current time, they can just look at the PC clock!

    Sorry for dumping some junk comment..



    The slider is working now. What was the problem?


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