Slider still in BLUE in Explorer + Header underlined? + Other

  • Bobby J


    Hi everyone!

    Everytime I have to update Graphene theme… I am scared!. I fix things and then, once updated, they are wrong again.

    For example, everytime I update Graphene I get the wrong font (Helvetica/Arial) :

    – in pages titles as:

    – or in post titles (even though the colour is OK, orange) as:

    Other new issues with the updated version, today:

    – the header title works different in the HOME than it does in the PAGES and the individual posts

    – now, somehow it appears a gray line under my h1 in header

    I used to have this on CSS pers (but it’s not working anymore) I cannot unify the text within all pages, I cannot get rid of the gray line, the font size does not work…:

    #header h1 {

    font: bold 28px “Lucida Sans”;

    position: relative;

    left: 38px;

    top: 96px;

    width: 852px;


    #header h2 {

    font: bold 18px “Lucida Sans”;

    border-bottom: none;

    color: #000;

    position: relative;

    top: 100px;

    left: 38px;

    width: 852px;


    (I tryed to add “text-decoration: none;” but without any result). I have decided temporarly no to use the CSS for header h1 o h2 because at least it looks a bit better.

    My last question would be:

    – how can I fix the BLUE color on the square background when you see my site on Internet Explorer? (I have seen that the shades and rounded corners also get lost on IE, I can cope with that… but the BLUE square kills me!!).

    Thanks so much for your great help. Your theme is the best!!!.

    Regards from Barcelona.



    Holy Moly, who made this Child Theme: (Sorry I see errors all over)

    Try search Google for: IE rounded corners & IE gradients

    and Graphene Forum: blue colors

    To avoid misunderstandings when you paste your code, please use (`) the small backticks between brackets before and after the code so it appears in black background.

    See Help text at the bottom when you write a post. (Copy & paste the little one 🙂





    – 1st > I apologise because my idea is not to use Child Theme (that file you found was a bit experimental, and since I do not have much time to practise…) I completely forgot to throw it away. In any case, the file is not there anymore and I keep having same problems that I mentioned yesterday.

    – 2nd > I am not lucky (as you are) to have a wonderful level of English, so many times I do have some language troubles added to my “short” WP tools knowledge.

    I will check out the rest you have told me about IE and blue in IE.




    Making A Child Theme with ANY WordPress Theme is the First and most Important thing to do 🙂

    Im sure You can read about Child Theme here:

    Then You are more secure when You update!

    If You have Questions Just Ask 🙂


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