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    #7568 – I don’t want the slider to be click-able at all. I searched the forum and found the way how to remove the click from the image but you still can click on the text which brings you to the post. Please advise what kind of code I can put into Custom CSS styles.

    THANKS so much.




    The best way is with javascript.

    With CSS, only this come to my mind currently:

    .slider_post h2 {

    But this solution won’t work on IE and Opera.

    How did you remove it from image?



    jQuery .unwrap() or .replaceWith() would do the trick. Can’t give the exact code since I’m on mobile now. Don’t remember the selectors in slider..



    Luko, I tried your suggestion but it did not work. However, thanks.

    I got the idea to change the URL of the link to one of the other pages, in this way I avoid that people go to the post.

    So I am ok.

    Love the theme!

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