Slider says 'Bad URL entered for the Custom URL"

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    Slider was working for “Random Posts” but then tried to use “Specific Posts”.

    Enter some post IDs but didn’t seem to work.

    So I switched back and now getting a “Bad URL entered for the Custom URL.” error even though I am not using “Custom slider image URL”.

    Any suggestions?





    Where (and when) is this error appearing?



    Hi Josh,

    The error is displayed at the top of the Graphene theme options : General Page but… with a red box around it.

    However, I change the page to random post and the error is displayed but when I log out and “visit the site ” everything is displaying ????

    Seems like the errors is displaying but it’s not a real error.

    My website is …i will leave as 4 Random posts for now.



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