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  • zmokin


    Hi All,

    Great theme and easy to customize – greatly appreciate the work you do.

    Two requests to think about for the future (as if you don’t have enough):

    1. Ability to open a featured slide in a new window. I saw a forum post on how to change the core code for all slides, but as mentioned, not a good idea to mess with the core files. Additionally, I don’t necessarily want all the slides to open in a new window. Sometimes I want to point just one specific slide to a different url (which you already provide that option), but have it open in a new window.

    Perhaps you could add a little check-box in the ‘Graphene post-specific options’ to allow individual posts to open in a new window.

    2. Provide option to add a video as the featured ‘image’. I’ve seen other forum posts looking for that capability and they mention a plugin named ‘Anything Slider’ or something like that, but it also appears to require modifying core files.

    The latter is probably a lot of work so maybe an alternative would be to add an option somewhere in your ‘Slider’ options to use a different plugin for the slider?

    Anyway, just some thoughts.

    Thanks for everything.

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