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    I’m fairly new to all this, so please bear with me! So far, the support forum has helped me make great progress (thanks all!) but I’m having trouble with the slider. I’ve set up 5 posts with a featured image to which I’ve assigned the category of “slider.” All these images appear in the slider on my home page, works great!

    But. Two questions:

    1) About one third of the image is covered by a darkened area where the post name and excerpt appear. Can I disable this somewhere so that the only the image appears with no text and no darkened area at all?

    2) Is it possible to delete the “View Full Post” button entirely? Basically, I just want the slider functionality, without linking to any kind of actual post.

    Thanks in advance!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Please provide a URL so we can take a look. Thanks.




    Whoops! I knew I forgot something…


    Kenneth John Odle


    So you just want to show the pictures, right?

    Add this to your custom CSS:

    .slider-entry-wrap {display:none}

    The reason you see the darkened area is because you have “Slider display style” set to “background image and excerpt” in the slider options. But the custom CSS should take care of it.




    Hi Dan

    If You want to change the Slider button “blue border color” 🙂

    .full-sized .block-button, .full-sized .block-button:visited {
    border-color: #525252;




    Amazing! I’m so thrilled with the level of support!

    Thanks Ken, that did the trick.

    And thanks Kim, I did play around with changing the color per your suggestion, but think I’ll just use the code to remove it altogether.

    Much appreciated…

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