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    Hi all!

    I’m having a problem with my slider. The posts aren’t showing up and it’s just a white blank area instead. I’ve tried disabling the slider, resetting the theme options etc. but it still doesn’t display properly.

    I’ve searched the forum to see what solutions there are. I saw the thread about the jQuery Tools library issue. I can see the code on this site that Syahir posted : so I don’t think there’s a problem with the jQuery Tools library.

    Is there another reason this could be happening?

    My site is

    Thanks in advance!




    I have a issue with my slider either. Actually a strange one. Seems that everything is good with chrome and IE8, but there is a problem with showing content in slider with opera and firefox. I said strange, because first 3 posts are showing, then 4th is blank (just white space without image and excerpt), and 5th (4th post) is ok again. I have set up to show only 5 posts. And another strange thing is that after 5th posts (which is 4th actually) slider shows 6th post (5th actually), but there is only 5 circle buttons below slider. So it seems that 4th blank post comes from nowhere.

    Slider loop:

    1 post

    2 post

    3 post

    blank post from space, hell, beyond another world or something

    4 post

    5 post

    I have set up that only 5 posts is showing up in front page and in slider.

    Link to my website:



    Hmm… that’s strange indeed.

    Does anyone know a solution to this?






    I have reseted graphene settings and noticed that slider worked perfectly with default settings. But then I changed “Slider display style” to Background image and excerpt , issue with slider was still there.

    But another thing that then I choose “Slider display style” to Background image and excerpt and “Number of posts to display” to 3, everything is fine.


    Background image and excerpt with 3 posts in slider – OK;

    Background image and excerpt with 4 and more posts in slider – something wrong;

    Thumbnail and excerpt with 5 posts in slider – OK.


    have u tried different settings for slider? I have noticed then slider fails to show, buttons below slider don’t work either in your website and in my website, so maybe our problems are related.

    For now, I will stick with 3 posts in slider and I hope that someone finds out solution for this issue. 🙂



    Hi Bembis,

    I’ve tried resetting the settings too, and when I reload my previous settings again it still doesn’t work.. I’ve tried playing around with the slider settings but it still doesn’t work.

    I’m glad yours is working, even though it’s only 3 posts! None of my posts were appearing in the first place, quite frustrating!

    I wonder what the issue is!


    Kenneth John Odle


    You may have a plugin conflict of some sort:



    I tried deactivating my plugin (I only have one!) and still no changes. I’ve played around more with my slider settings, but still no posts show up.



    I too have photos not showing up on random posts. Additionally, does anyone know how to remove the slider buttons? They seem redundant. Thanks



    I may have figured something out. It appears that photos weren’t showing up for posts where I chose the photo from already existing media file. When I re-selected from computer, it seems to work. Give that a try.

    I still need to know how to remove the slider buttons.


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