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  • jonse6


    I want to use the Slider on my front page, but I don’t want the article featured to be shown on the front page. I want to use that area to display the services we will be offering. I want to use the slider to feture interesting non-sales information that will take the reader to a separate page. Can I do this with your program?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Create a category called “slider.” Apply that category to any article you want displayed in the slider under Graphene Options >> Slider Options >> Category to show in slider.

    Then, in Graphene Options >> Front Page Options >> Front page posts categories, select those categories you want to appear on the front page. Be sure not to select “slider” category here.




    Ken, thank you! That was easy. I see now that the instructions were on the Slider options. Duh! Appreciate the direction.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Not a problem! Glad to help.

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