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    I am using the plugin that allows me to categorize pages so that I can use one of the categories for my slider. Each time I add a new page to the ‘slider’ category, it moves that page to the first position in the slider. How can I change the order that the pages are displaying in the slider?



    I don’t think you need to use this plugin to display pages in your slider.

    The Graphene theme is already set up to allow specific pages or posts to be displayed in your slider.

    Go to your admin panel -> Appearance -> Graphene Options. Then open the “Slider Options” menu. On the second option “What do you want to show in slider”, tick the “Show specific posts/pages”. You will then see a box appear, allowing you to enter specific page and post id’s.




    I could not find the page number for my pages after I changed the permalinks to show the page name rather than the number. Another post on this forum ( to install the plugin that allows you to categorize pages and then select category option for the slider pages, which is what I did. It works fine but I just cannot find a way to change the order.



    Hmmm, well I’m not familiar with your plugin. What’s the link to the plugin?

    You can always find your page or post id number by going to your admin panel. Let’s say you want to find a page number to a page you created titled “My Page”. Go to your admin, click on the Pages menu, and then hover over your page title “My Page”. Don’t click it, just hover over it. Now, look in your lower left part of the screen. In that link, there is a part that reads “post=” and then the number of your page or post.

    Note: Both pages AND posts will use the format “post=” followed by the number.



    Well that makes it much easier. I should have looked harder for a way to find those page numbers rather than installing the plugin (



    Well, the plugin could be useful if you are constantly changing the order of your slider pages/posts… or if you are trying to manage a large number of posts/pages.

    However, if you are just showing a few pages in your slider, I’d say it’s easier to just use the option already configured in Graphene.

    One note: the order of the slider post/pages may display incorrectly. I had this problem before, but I think Syahir addressed it in an update… although I’m not sure which one.

    If you have trouble with your order, post back here and I’ll let you know how to fix.



    It works great for me with my newly discovered page numbers. Thanks for the tip.



    Excellent! My pleasure.

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