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    Hello all. Can anyone show me how to reduce the opacity of the text overlay background in the slider? I’d like the users to be able to see the entire background image.

    Thanks in advance!



    update – forgot the site URL –



    Found it.. please disregard.

    For others, simply add “opacity:0.75;” to the background url image definition in the css for .bgimage-excerpt .slider-entry-wrap:

    background: url(images/black70.png) repeat; opacity:0.75;

    where 1.0 is 100%, 0.5 is 50%, and so on.



    Any way to get rid of the text and the text overlay background in the slider altogether? I want to design my own text in photoshop.



    I tried to at least to reduce the opacity as you instructed above but it should no changes when I updated the file.

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