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  • Ladough


    In a previous version of Graphene, you could select to have only your reviews in the slider. In the latest version, you can’t seem to do that. Please help because I do not want every post in the slider.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Are your reviews in their own category?

    Graphene Options >> General Options >> Slider Options

    “What do you want to show in the slider” –> tick the circle marked “Show posts from categories”

    “Categories to display” –> select the reviews category



    In the version 1.7.1 you don’t have the box that gives you that option like in version 1.6. Can you add it?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Make sure that you have enabled “Show Posts from Categories”

    Then the box automagically appears:




    On my first 3 website, I can do exactly as you illustrated above. But in my last 2 websites, the catagories to display box is not there. When I click on “show posts from categories”, the catagories to display box is still not there and when I save is says I must choose a category. But the damb box is not there to choose from!!! lol I know what to do if it would just give me the option.



    Kenneth John Odle


    Hmmm…you haven’t edited any theme files, have you?

    Are you using a child theme, by any chance?

    You do have categories set up on those other two sites, right?

    Failing all of that, it seems like Graphene might not have installed correctly. You can always try re-installing it via FTP.



    Okay, I uninstalled it on both sites and reinstalled it. On one site the box appeared right away. The second site, I had to uninstall and reinstall about 4-5 times and it finally worked. So at least it is working and my learing curve keep growing…which is cool. You info helped as I knew it was supposed to be there. Thx Kenneth!


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