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    I was trying to change the slider option to show specific posts/pages. When I choose it my website doesn’t display the page numbers I selected and only the About Us page. What will I have to do to display the selected pages correctly on my website?

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    Kenneth John Odle


    I don’t know…when I visit your site, I see five posts rotating through your slider. Unfortunately, most of that very valuable real estate is taken up by your social sharing buttons.





    The issue is that I don’t want to display posts but some of the pages. When I enter the page number under Slider Options it doesn’t display the pages but only the About Us page which I have not included in those page numbers.

    It seems to me that the slider option pull this info from somewhere else then. Am I doing something wrong there?

    Is there anyhting else than entering the page numbers that I have to do to display selected pages in the slider?

    Thank you for your input.



    Syahir Hakim


    What do you mean by “page number”? The slider accepts the page or post ID, which isn’t readily apparent on standard WordPress installation with pretty permalink being used.



    How are you getting the page ID’s? It’s not the order from the menu.

    Rather, if you go to your “pages” menu option, and then HOVER over a page title… look toward the bottom left of your browser screen, and you will see a link as you hover over a page title.

    Within this link is something like “post=519”. This is your page ID. There are also plugins which will show you the page/post ID within your admin menu:



    I have the same problem. Just to make it clear to myself: using permalinks makes displaying specific pages or posts impossible. Is this correct?



    @Josh thanks I used WP Show IDs plugin and it works like a charm!

    @Syahir I am not computer nor wordpress savy but your theme makes it possible for me to update and design my site even with my limited (non existant) knowledge. THANK YOU!


    Kenneth John Odle


    using permalinks makes displaying specific pages or posts impossible

    Well, not really. The post ID numbers are still there, just hidden. If you edit a post, its ID shows up in the address bar. But that plugin you mentioned is very handy!

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