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    Loving the theme and started to work with it. However, I think I found something with the slider. So to give you an example… say the home page is set to show only “Category A” posts. For your website, you would like to show your top post so you’ve made a “Category B”. You would like to show this on your home page, so you’ve set the slider to show “Category B” post.

    In doing so, the slider that’s located on the home page will show “Category A” post that also happen to fall into “Category B” as well. The slider does not show all the post within “Category B”. I thought the slider would be independent of this.. I would like to show my top post (Category B)… any way to make this happen on the home page? I would like to keep my home page showing only “Category A” type post, but for the slide specifically to show all my “Category B” post.

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    I have a “Slider” Category & any given post also member of Slider Category is shown.

    Well this is my easy way 🙂




    yeah that would be “Category B”. But because your home/index page is set to only show “Category A”… not all post within “Category B” are shown on the home page where the slider is located.


    Syahir Hakim


    The slider will show by default the latest 5 posts that belong to the category that you’ve selected, regardless of whether or not those posts belong to other catgories as well or not.

    You can change the number of posts to be displayed in the slider in the theme’s options page.

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