Slider not working well for BB

  • Anonymous


    The slider is a great feature— for example on we are using it for user log in information to access protected parts of the site. However, on BlackBerry (not the new Z10 etc) the slider window moves with the screen as you scroll down, so you can never scroll down the slider info.


    Syahir Hakim


    You must mean the slide-out panel. We’ll investigate this and update you accordingly.


    Syahir Hakim


    OK, we’ve looked at the issue, but unfortunately there’s nothing much we can do for devices without touchscreen, since there’s no way to scroll just a particular element of the side without scrolling the entire side.



    Can we make it so that it doesn’t scroll-lock to the top of the screen once opened? Right now when the non-touchscreen BB user opens the slide out panel it is always locked to the top of their screen so they can’t scroll down the panel and see all of the content.

    If the scroll lock was removed for these devices, you could slide out the panel, scroll it’s length, then pop the panel back in and scroll the site. Not As elegant as it is on touch screen devices, but it would keep our huge corporate install base of BBs well served.

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