Slider not working in 1.3

  • wilsdad



    I’ve updated to the new 1.3 theme for my site and i have a coupl eof bugs/queries.

    1. The slider on my front page isn’t working and the buttons on the slider that connnect to the posts doesn’t work either.

    2. On my frontpage i now have at the bottom of the page several excerpt boxes of my last 4-5 posts showing that i want to remove but i can’t find where to do this.

    3. Also on the frontpage the title of my site “The 4th Official” is in a samller font size than anywhere else on the site. If i go to the Latest Posts option on my top tollbar the text that appears in the header is bigger…how do i change this to be smaller ?




    i also notice that the facebook like option i have at the bottom of my text on the front=page has been reset to 0 ( ie no likes)..

    how can this be reverted back to the original number ?



    ignore my posts mate….i’m back in action. …!!!!!

    i’ve resolved all the points listed above..

    great theme !

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