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    I have built the blog of my school (1st High School Voula – Athens Greece) based on Graphene theme (Thank you by the way!)

    I ve been using it for more than 2 years now – with no problem. But lately (more than a week ago) students have reported me

    that slider does not work: only the lat article’ s picture is shown in slider and nothing happens even if I press the little circles beneath

    the slider in order to visit an older aticle. I don;t experiment much with the blog I just add articles and pages . I am the only responsible

    for making changes and I wouldn’t try something “strange” since the blog is our school’s main window to the outer world ….

    The address is :

    Can you pls help??


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try disabling all of your plugins temporarily to see it that brings it back.

    Also, your theme is out-of-date (1.8.4). Graphene is currently at 1.9.2. Make sure that theme, WordPress core, and plugins are all up to date.



    By only testing the new version of the theme – without actually using it, the problem is solved (!!). I will upgrade to the new version asap. Thank you very much.

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