Slider not working

  • Anonymous


    The slider apparently stopped working, I tried to deactivate other plugins but no luck.



    What you’ve told slider to show? If it’s Latest Posts, then it can’t show anything because you have no post in your site. Please tell us what you’ve done and didn’t. Simply saying “slider is not working” gives no idea about the issue.



    @Prasanna, It is set to show specific post/pages, and I placed 31,21,23,25 on the post/pages to display field and 4 on the numbers of posts to display.


    Kenneth John Odle


    It might be that you are using a secure transfer protocol (https) instead of just a regular one (http). I don’t know why you need to do this, but sliders are very sensitive to link issues. Try changing from https to http and see if that fixes it.

    Moved to Support.



    @Kenneth, thanks for the tip. It solved the slider issue, now I’m gonna find out a way so it works with https. But for the mean time I’ll just disable the https.

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