Slider not working.

  • Das Capitolin



    First, thanks for that beautiful theme. A lot of options, good-looking, like my dream theme :).

    But I have a problem about JQuery Slider. Simply, it’s not working. And I don’t know Java Script for debugging it. You can check the site on my profile. The buttons do nothing, and the posts aren’t changing after some time.

    Tried on Firefox 4.0.1 and Chromium 12.0.742.91.



    Sorry, I noticed my JQuery Colorbox extension causes the problems, after disabling it the problem disappeared. Could you suggest a lightbox extension compatible with that theme?


    Syahir Hakim


    There are a lot of other lightbox plugins out there, but for most compatibility and site performance, I recommend you use the lightbox plugins that uses jQuery instead of Prototype or Scriptaculous.

    Two examples:

    WP jQuery Lightbox

    jQuery Lightbox

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