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  • itstrategylisa


    Hi – I have set a featured image for the following page: and it is still showing the generic image on the slider – can you help?


    Syahir Hakim


    The link you specify above requires username and password to access.

    Also, the slider will show the featured image of the post that is in the slider, not the page the slider is being shown in.



    Hi Syahir,

    thanks for coming back to me.

    the image that I have set as featured on the post, is not showing in the slider, which I understand it should, so maybe I have done something wrong? Can you brief me on what workflow I should have followed to get the featured image from the post to show in the slider (ie, how to do I replace the default image)? So far I have simply pressed the featured image in the post and inserted a new image into the post that way – have I missed something?

    thanks in advance

    (Gorgeous theme by the way! very slick)



    ok – I admit that it is 6am! huge apoligies found the very obviious setting – thanks though 😉



    What is the obvious setting, itstrategylisa? It is not obvious to me (and I’m sure others). Thanks!


    Syahir Hakim


    PhoenixAfterglow: what exactly do you want to achieve?


    Kenneth John Odle


    I had the same problem. Some post images would show up and others wouldn’t. I finally realized that some had been linked to from another webpage, and these were the ones not showing up. Apparently, WP can’t create a thumbnail from images it imports from other sites.

    Solution: I saved the images to my computer, then edited each post to remove the linked image, and uploaded the image I saved to my computer. Everything works great now!

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