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    I don’t how the inner workings of the graphing theme works, but I’m running into a situation with the theme slider where it’s not pulling the first image from the post. the problem seems to be pretty consistent and reproducible. I have the settings for the Graphene Theme set for the slider to pull the very first image from the post.

    As I’m composing a new article, if I do not insert the very first image at the top of the article, the slider does not pick the first image.

    For instance, if I start writing the article and then insert some screenshots or an image later in the post, and then go back and then post an image at the top of the article, the Graphene Theme slider always picks the very first image that I pasted/inserted into the post; regardless of where it’s located.

    If the Graphene Theme is looking at the code for the post, it sees that the very first is being designated. I think the Graphene Theme is somehow going into the media library and grabbing the very first image that was inserted/pasted for that article.

    I would like to see is corrected so it actually does pull the first image from the post, As opposed to the first image from the media library associated with that article.

    I there is a workaround for this, if I have to change something in the media library to correct it, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance…


    Kenneth John Odle


    What kind of images are you using? jpg? gifs? pngs? bmps?

    These are images hosted in your own media gallery, correct?



    The typical images that I use are JPEG’s and PNG’s; no GIF or BMP.

    Yes; the images are hosted on my WordPress account locally; not through a third-party service.




    Syahir Hakim


    I would suggest using the post’s Featured Image to set the image to be used in the slider.

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