Slider not displaying anything



    Running WP 3.8

    Graphene 1.9.2

    Plugins: Akismet, All in one event calendar, TinyMce Advanced


    Slider Options:

    Full Width

    Show Posts from Categories – Home Page Slideshow Category

    Show random – unchecked

    Number of posts 3

    Slider image: Featured image – made sure all 3 posts have featured image

    Custom URL: blank

    Show background image and excerpt

    Height: 212 Speed 7000 Transition 400

    Tried various things mentioned in other posts, such as Clear Cache, Disable Slider then re-enable, Save posts again, etc.

    What else can I try?



    Kenneth John Odle


    Try de-activating your Calendar plugin temporarily,



    Ok. The Slider shows up now with the Calendar plugin deactivated. Now what?


    Kenneth John Odle


    There is a .fade class being applied to the slider. The css for the plugin renders that class opaque.

    This is weird because I run the same combination on a couple of different installs without this issue. Have you edited the plugin’s files, by any chance?



    I think that .fade class is applied because I chose Slider Animation to be ‘Fade’.

    I changed the Slider Animation to ‘None’. Slider still working. .fade class not being applied anymore.

    Re-activated All-in-One-Event-Calender plugin.

    Slider still working!

    Changed Slider Animation back to ‘Fade’.

    Slider not showing…

    I haven’t edited any plugin files.



    I was really wanting to use the Fade effect without having to deactivate the All-in-one-calendar plugin.

    Is this possible?


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