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    First I have to tell you how much i LOVE the Graphene template. I am a web designer and use it almost exclusively for most of the websites I design, and have made numerous tweaks to the template and style sheets.

    Up until recently I have never had an issue with the slider or any other problems when modifying the style sheets and the php files.

    However, recently I have been having trouble with the slider, and I believe I have isolated the issue to the footer php (I have deleted and recreated wordpress templates and I have disabled and tested all the plug ins). What is really strange is that when creating a new wordpress Graphene website I can make an initial tweak to the footer file without a problem, but if I return to make any further changes to the footer that is when the slider disappears. Also perplexing, if I even open the footer and do not make changes, it still effects the slider. I have even tried making a back up file, but that does not work either. PLEASE HELP!

    A current website I am working on is

    I have the slider disabled for now, but can turn it on for your review. If we cannot fix it, I am making a landing page at in which I can place the slider there, but I would prefer to have the slider on the main webpage

    Thanks for your assistance and thank you again for the great template!


    Syahir Hakim


    You really shouldn’t be editing the theme’s files directly – it’ll make updating the theme a lot of hassle.

    With that said, if you’re having issues simply by virtue of opening and saving the footer.php file without editing it, it could be because of some settings in your text editor. Try using another text editor, like Notepad and see if the same issue happens.



    Can you advise the best way to edit the template php files if we shouldn’t do so directly?

    Also, you mention using a text editor, however I am editing them directly online via the dashboard appearance editor. Is there another way they should be edited?

    As a future feature, it would be very helpful for those who want to make edits to the php files to provide a change log for any version updates so those could be entered manually without a risk of losing custom edits.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Use a child theme along with the theme’s built-in features, such as action hook widget areas.

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