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  • ulrika


    Thank you Syahir for your professional approach and your talent!

    Slider – questions:

    1. Can I replace the photo+text with only text?

    2. Can I post a video instead of photo/text. Any size restrictions to respect?

    3. How do I disable the slider moving and make it static?


    How do I reduce the height of the header?

    How do I procede to put my custom header into the Graphene header?

    Many thanks



    Syahir Hakim


    1. With the upcoming version, you can disable the slider image.

    2. No easy way to include a video on the slider yet, unless you wanna use one of the action hooks available in the slider.

    3. Err…..why would you want to do this..? In any case, the next update will include an option that’ll allow you to set the slider speed. Just set it to an unimaginably big number and you’ll have a static slider.

    4. See this thread:

    5. Go to Appearance > Header administration screen.



    Thanks Syahir!

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