Slider link/url opening to new window?

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    Hello all,

    Does anybody know how I can manage to have the links of the slider images open in a new window? I am using child theme and use Graphene page specific options to show images in the slider and to link to external sites.

    I did try to find a solution on this forum, but had no luck.





    Hacking theme core is not a good practice. But, here is the quick solution,

    Open theme-slider.php file (it’s in graphene/includes directory) and scroll to 158th line. And replace,

    <a href="<?php echo $slider_link_url; ?>"><?php echo $image; ?></a>


    <a href="<?php echo $slider_link_url; ?>" target="_blank"><?php echo $image; ?></a>

    You’ll need to edit this whenever you update the theme. However let me check if it is a good idea to add option to open links in a new window.



    Thank you, Prasanna!

    This will do for now, as it resolves my “problem” for now until the next update.



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