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    Hi Syahir!

    My slider suddenly stopped working 🙁 I only deleted some old entries from the “wp_posts” table in the database but I kept the last 3-4 revisions of all my posts and pages. But the slider is not sliding, so I guess it has some correspondence. Since then, I tried to reinstall Graphene and recreate the posts (also created brand new sample posts) but still nothing. I’m sure now I have deleted some very important stuff from the DB… :(((((((((

    Can you please help me to resolve it?

    Thanks in advance…



    Same issue here. I did not delete any posts though.



    Mine is working now. I did not change anything.



    Mine is working too. I changed nothing either. Very strange :$


    Syahir Hakim


    The slider uses jQuery script called jQuery Tools, which is distributed through a Content Distribution Network (CDN). For loading speed and bandwidth-saving reasons, the script file is not included with the theme, but is loaded instead from the CDN.

    There might have been a temporary glitch with the CDN that caused the script loading to fail. When the CDN is back up again, the script is loaded and everything is fine.

    If you would like to prevent this from happening again in the future, you could copy the script file and place it in the theme’s folder, and modify the link in the <head> element in the header.php file. Note though that this is *highly* not recommended.

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