Slider just stopped working between page refreshes. I can hit the jQuery site fine.

  • spacefiddle


    As the title. I saw the older thread about the jQuery CDN; made sense, so I tried that link, and got the jQuery .js file instantly. So it’s not that.

    I added a post (not a page) and refreshed. There was nothing special about the post. The Slider box is there, but blank white. It has 5 dots, indicated it knows about 5 posts, and the code seems to be there, but it’s just blank white. I have no idea how this might have happened.

    Oh yeah, my page:



    Resolved. Pro Tip (by which i mean Noob Mistake): don’t minify the jQuery javascript.





    Ah, hax! I ignored that post ‘coz the title implied it was update-related.

    Thanks for the tip, I’ll turn W3 minify off and go with the one you suggest.

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