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  • courtyboy


    Hi, I use Graphene for our youth club web site. It is great. However with the latest update I have had major problems with the slider.

    I use a category for articles I want in the slider. This has always worked perfectly, however with this update, all of the articles got jumbled, and repeated. I have now stripped it down so that only two articles have the category for the slider. It looks like part of the slider logic thinks there are two articles, but it part of it thinks there are four. Watch how the articles cycle compared to the slider ‘dots’

    You can see this here…

    Anyway, not sure if this is a known issue or not. I did have a look around the forums but couldn’t see it mentioned. Any help would be greatly appreciated as it has made our site look a bit static now.


    Syahir Hakim


    It seems like the Facebook Recommend button is interfering with the slider’s HTML markup. I know you don’t see the Recommend button in the slider, but its code is there. Try disabling that plugin and see if it helps.



    Thanks Syahir, that sorted it. It was the WP Facebook Like plugin. I’d rather have a working slider than the like buttons so I will leave that turned off.



    Hi, Nice to see there is support here for the Graphene theme. I love the theme but, I am working on the slider and having a great deal of trouble trying to figure out how to use the Slider for YouTube videos. I have the smart youtube plugin installed. It doesn’t seem to work with the slider. Any ideas?

    I will need step by step instructions please. Kind of new to this type of thing.

    Thanks in advance.




    Hmmm… the slider for youtube videos? I mean, is that going to give the person enough time to watch a segment from the video? It is, after all, a slider.

    How are you envisioning this to work?



    It will because, they can stop the slider or you can slow the slider down so that they can get the video they want.




    I believe it is possible. Just hope someone can give me step by step instructions.



    Kenneth John Odle


    It will because, they can stop the slider or you can slow the slider down so that they can get the video they want.

    No, they can’t. The slider controls only allow a reader to choose which pane they want to see. But after the time specified by the admin in the slider controls elapses, the slider will move on.

    Anyway, the slider only pulls images hosted on your site. Youtube videos aren’t, so they won’t display. What you can do is a screen capture of the Youtube video and use that as a featured image.


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