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    Hi, I want to add images to the slider and I when I choose custom url it only has a slot for one image. How do I just add images to the slider not post or categories.



    Kenneth John Odle


    The Graphene slider isn’t really designed for that. You may want to forgo the Graphene slider and use something like Meteor Slides instead.

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    Ken, thanks for the tip on Meteor Slides.

    I have a similar request, sort of. It would be great if I could program the slider content of Graphene in advance for specific posts. Currently I must change the post IDs manually for each day. Is there a way to schedule slider changes?

    Also, how about using other fields (user defined fields?) to define how posts are selected within the slider? Or is there another slider plug-in that might do this?

    And finally, if I substitute a slider like Meteor Slides, how does that integration get handled with the Graphene theme?


    Kenneth John Odle



    Please don’t hijack someone’s else thread. Please feel free to create your own support and/or feature request thread.

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