Slider is suddenly not working!

  • cebaby


    I upgraded to WP 3.5 and I am not sure if that messed with the slider or if there is something else going on. I have not touched the slider for well over a month, so for it to suddenly quit working out of the blue is a bit frustrating. I have disabled, renabled, uploaded new feature items, etc. NOTHING. Anyone have an idea as to what caused this and how to fix? The website looks horrible now. 🙁


    Kenneth John Odle

    for it to suddenly quit working out of the blue

    It didn’t suddenly quit working out of the blue, it is probably related to your recent upgrade. Did you upgrade anything else when you upgraded WP?

    Also, what do you mean when you say it “quit working”? There are a wide range of possible behaviors possible here.

    The website looks horrible now.

    Please post a link to your site, please.



    i updated to WP 3.5 and updated these plugins:

    all in one seo pack v

    display widgets v 1.22

    exclude pages from navigation v 1.92

    google analyticator v 6.4.1

    it quit working in the sense that the slider box is there with no image, just all white. link to screenshot:


    Syahir Hakim


    Seems like you have disabled the slider. Enable it again so that we can take a look.



    OK I have re-enabled it. But as it is a live site, I want to disable it again before the evening is over if I can’t fix it. Thanks.


    Syahir Hakim


    Ah.. you’re using a very old version of the theme (v1.5.1), which is probably why the slider is not working. I remember that we had to update the script code for the slider some versions ago to get it to work with updated jQuery versions that come with newer versions of WordPress.

    Any reason for not updating the theme?



    my only reason would be that i am just learning to use wordpress and this is a live site… i wasnt sure what the update would do and if i would have to fix the look of things. if its simply a code update i can go ahead and do it. but not before bed. LOL


    Syahir Hakim


    Then I would recommend setting up a development site where you can test out updates before deploying them on the live site. You can set up a subdomain (something like, then duplicate your production site there, and test away.



    thanks i will try that once i figure out how to do that with WP. for now i will disable.

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