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  • Amy Krauss


    I am enjoying working with the Graphene theme, but after getting it all set up, I am finding that the slider isn’t working. Instead it is displaying as simply blank. I have tried tagging the pages and images in many different ways with no effect. I do not have any plugins installed. Any insight would be appreciated!

    Here is a link to the site:


    Kenneth John Odle


    The slider is meant to display posts, not pages. Have you written any posts yet?

    You can get it to display pages with a plugin. There have been threads about this in this forum. A quick search should lead you there.

    Amy Krauss


    Yes, I have posts. They are just test posts at this point. Each one has a featured image set as well. I even still have the default “Hello world” post in there. You can find them at

    Amy Krauss


    Dang! I didn’t change anything other than the column display — from 2 to full page. Now my posts are showing up in the slider!

    I’m happy the slider is working now, but still unclear why it wasn’t working previously.



    I wonder if there is a plugin to automatically stretch the images of the posts to the slider



    Probably not. The slider is pretty specific to the graphene theme as far as functionality.

    What exactly are you having trouble with?



    I liked the first picture of the post to be stretched automatically and no divided into several until fit the slider. when it publishes daily post is quite difficult to work frame by frame to be pleasing to the eye.

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