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    We use the graphene theme for our organisation intranet. This because it’s highly customizable and has the slider with the latest news.

    This slider i’d like to use in an external HTML/PHP file so we can show this after employees login on their pc. Would this work and where can I find the piece of PHPcode which defines this slider HTML output?




    Syahir Hakim


    You cannot simply extract the relevant PHP codes and have it produce the slider’s HTML. That’s because the slider requires WordPress in order to determine which posts/pages to display, and to get the associated images for those posts/pages.

    What you can do though is extract the slider HTML that has already been generated, and copy that into a separate HTML file. You’ll need the slider HTML plus the slider javascript, as well as the theme’s style.css file.

    An alternative would be to load the entire WordPress system from the external PHP file. You can find a tutorial about this here:



    Thanks a lot for the advice. Because our slider has daily newsupdates.. copying the HTML will not do the job. We need the dynamic code.

    Im gonna read the artical you gave me, thanks!

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