Slider images – post image not displaying, odd placeholder appearing though?

  • kpalmer


    Hi, I’ve had a look at a couple of the other slider image issue discussion threads (ie. featured image vs first image in post) but issue isn’t resolved.

    I’m setting up a site using this great theme, loved the slider feature. Everything else has worked fine, just can’t nail this image issue.

    I’ve got ONE image showing only with one “post”. I have four posts, but only one’s image is appearing in the slider (it’s fine when you click in and read the post though). I’ve had a tinker and if I have NO image, a generic placeholder seems to be appearing.

    So I am assuming EACH post CAN have an image that will show?

    If so, any idea why aren’t the others showing? And what is the default/general image that is appearing?

    My url is

    Any help/advice greatly appreciated? BTW – I’m not particularly technical!

    Thanks in advance…


    Syahir Hakim


    In order for images in posts to show in the slider, it has to satisfy any of the following condition:

    1. The image is used as the post’s Featured Image

    2. The image is uploaded in the Edit Post screen. Images that are used in a post but are taken from the media gallery will not be shown. Set the image as the post’s Featured Image to have it used as the thumbnail.

    3. Select “Custom URL” as the “Slider image” option for that particular post, and then enter the URL to the image

    The generic image is displayed if none of the conditions above are met. The upcoming version 1.3 will no longer display the generic image though. Seems like it’s more trouble than worth it.



    Thank you – fixed it immediately!

    When uploading the image, there’s a little text link “use as featured image” that I clicked, then clicked insert into post.

    Thank you for the fast reply too 🙂



    PS. Don’t hate the default/placeholder image, it was more that I wasn’t expecting it…because it goes with the theme, it wasn’t too bad!



    When I open a new post next to the Upload button the image and video icons are not appearing; therefore I cant ad images. So I went to media library and added images through there and selected to attach them to a post but then when I see the post they are not there…but there is a picture in the slider though. Not sure what’s going on…



    Can anyone help me??? My pictures in my posts are still not showing 🙁


    Syahir Hakim


    Not sure I quite understand what’s the problem. You seem to be able to insert pictures into your previous posts just fine. Just do the same thing.



    Well that is precisely the problem. Before there used to be a button above the square where you write the post where it said Upload/Insert…now I see the words “Upload/Insert” but the link to click so I can attach images is not there. There is nothing in the post that says add images so I just cant add images.

    So, I went to the library and added the images there and there clicked on insert to the post.

    If you go to my site and see the latest post you will see there is a picture on the slider; however, if you click the post you will see zero pictures even though I have inserted like 4 images…

    Do you know whats going on? My blog is all about pictures, it stinks if I can add any!!

    I even tried with a new post and the same thing happened!



    Hi Amanda

    Lets look at You Userdefined CSS or Child Theme: style.css

    Remember to put Your code between the little backtick ` character.

    So its easy to see any error 🙂



    Syahir Hakim


    Hurm..could also be a browser issue, or a plugin issue. I don’t think the theme can cause the buttons to disappear. Try using other browser and see if the button shows up? If not, then try deactivating your plugins one by one and see if the button shows up again.

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