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    Thanks for a great theme! Im almost ready to move my site to the showcase forum. But there is one little thing that has annoyed me.

    My site is a Danish filmpodcast site (

    We talk about series of films and therefore I would like the promotion images to link to category archives (ex:

    The way I do it now is to have a post, that controls the images in the slider and the slider links to this post. In the post I have a link to the category archive. This is clunky.

    So my question is, can I somehow change/control the URL referral of each slider to specific categories?




    ok, so couldn’t find a solution to this problem so i ended up removing graphenes slider completely and using this plugin instead

    if you (like myself) only want the slider on the frontpage, inset this ind the header.php file in your child-theme

    <?php if ( is_home() ) { ?>

    <div class=”nivoslider”><?php if (function_exists(‘nivoslider4wp_show’)) { nivoslider4wp_show(); } ?></div> <?php } ?>

    I see the problem as not solved because it would be a nice functionality to have control over graphenes slider urls



    You are correct by using a post to control the images displayed in the slider.

    However, you can also control the URL the slider image links to.

    It’s on the edit post section, just below the content editor.

    Under “Graphene Post-Specific Options”.. look for “Custom Slider URL”



    I currently run 1.6 and I dont have the option to have the slider image link to a custom URL. Is it a new function in graphene 1.7?



    No. I’ve been using it for a while.

    Are you looking on the individual posts? Or are you looking in the admin menu?

    Do you see the “Graphene Post-Specific Options” metabox?



    Yes i have these options

    But here there isn’t an option where you can select the target specific URL which is what I wanted. With this method the slider image will always links to the post. I want to be able to choose the target URL of each slider image (in my case to the category archives).

    I dont think this is possible (or at least not in Graphene 1.6). That was why I replaced the slider with an eksternal plugin, so i could control the target URLs of each slide.

    Take a look at the nivo slider funktions as desired now.



    Are you using “show specific posts/pages” option in the global settings in appearance -> graphene options -> slider options?

    Can you show me an image link of your global settings for this option?



    Well right now it is disabled because I use nivo slider now, but before it looked like this



    I’m having an issue linking my slider image to an outside url. Can someone help me? Whenever I click the image it brings me to an internal page. I have added the website in the feature image before I set it. Is there something else that needs to be done?




    You would want to change the global setting in the graphene options to “show specific posts/pages”. This should open up the custom url box.


    You need to follow the same settings as above. First, make sure the global as set to “show specific posts/pages”. Then, go to each post/page where you are using slider image and adjust the “custom slider url” on each individual post/page.

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