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    I am trying to show images in the slider on my front page. I have tried many sizes but no matter what size I use the images have a white strip at the top and appear to overlap each other on the left side. I am using the ‘full post content’ option. Can you please tell me how to fit the images in the slider neatly.I would also prefer not to have the blue border around the slider. Please help. My web address is


    Kenneth John Odle


    I wish I could help you with this. Josh is the real slider expert around here, but he’s taking some time off. If you search through some of his posts, however, I’m pretty sure he’s addressed this issue before.

    Josh’s posts:

    Good luck!





    Using the “full post content” basically keeps the same attributes as a standard post/page. So, you will have a margin around your content.

    Instead, why don’t you use the show specific posts/pages, and follow these steps for each post/page you want to display in the slider:

    1. Go to the edit panel of the post/page and underneath the editor is a menu called “Graphene Page Specific Options”.

    2. Choose to use a custom URL for your slider image. Create an image and upload it to your server in a folder of your choice. Under “slider Image”, set the option to “Cusom URL”. In the “Custom Slider Image URL”, enter the link for your custom image. I use 660px wide by 200px tall for all my slider images.

    3. Next, in the “Excerpt” box on each post/page, you can enter any text you would like to display over the slider image.

    Hope this helps 🙂

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