Slider Images are Duplicated and Overlapping

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    Hey… I’m not great with CSS or PHP though I can go through stuff if I’m given direction. I’ve got images on my slider that are duplicated and overlapped over the text teaser. What did I do wrong and/or how can I fix it?

    I was wondering if images had to be a certain size so I started messing around with that and nothing worked.

    My website with the problem is this:

    All and any help is appreciated! Thank you!



    Hey Danielle.

    .two-columns .full-sized .slider_post {
    width: 660px;

    According to Your Slider Width 660px Your pictures inserted must also be 660px x px height of Slider in Your Setup 🙂




    thanks so much! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this!

    I went back through and edited the photo sizes though and it still didn’t make a difference… I have no clue what I’m still doing wrong haha



    Hi D

    Your pictures in Slider isnt right size 🙂

    Need to be 660px x Height of Value You set in Slider Height.


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