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  • ReighSierra


    Is the slider image always the same or can you make it pull an image from the post?


    Syahir Hakim


    By default, the slider image will be the Featured image of the post. If no featured image is set for the post, it displays the generic image.

    You can set the featured image for a post at the Edit Post screen.



    Awesome! :o) Be handy if you added that to the help guide for other users as i couldn’t find it or by googling. (unless i missed it)

    Cheers. Liking the theme so far but not done a great deal with it yet…


    Syahir Hakim


    Yep, I totally missed that during development. The next update will include this info right at the theme’s options page.



    I thought the feature image was used for the header when the post is shown in full? (In other words, it needs to be 900 x 198 pixels, which is different aspect ratio and size from the slider thumbnail image..) Would it be better to pull the first image from the post (since embedded post images are more likely to be closer to the correct aspect ratio, since they fit in the post column)? Or any other workaround to make slider & header different images? Thanks.


    Syahir Hakim


    Nope, the featured image does not have to be 900 x 198 pixels, but it will only be displayed in the header if it has that size or bigger.

    The featured image is automatically cropped before it is displayed as the slider image, so it doesn’t really matter what size your featured image is.

    I agree that the ideal functionality would be to allow the user to select whether to use the featured image as the slider image or pull the first image from the post. But implementing the second feature – pulling the first image from post – is rather complicated without resorting to using a plugin. I have implemented this feature previously in another project, but the plugin that I used then is really quite messy, with PHP throwing out lots of errors and warnings. And having to include a plugin with the theme will make the theme partially dependable on that plugin, which I’m quite reluctant to do.

    However, I do plan to implement this feature somehow in the future, when I have a little bit more free time to work with.

    Note though that the implementation of the jQuery slider is still very basic, since it has just been introduced in the theme. I thought it will be good to make it available for use, albeit the basic functionality, and get feedback from the users on improving it. Rest assured that I will be improving it in future versions of the theme. So keep those suggestions coming!



    Post deleted. Figured it out. Thanks!


    Syahir Hakim


    Just an update on the slider image. In the next update, you will be able to choose the image to use as slider image from the following options:

    1. First image in post

    2. The post’s Featured Image

    3. Custom image by URL

    In addition, you will also be able to set a global settings (e.g. use first image in post as slider image), but can override this settings in individual posts.



    That’s fantastic!! I can’t wait for this update 🙂

    Also just learnt that u can dynamically change header images by reading this post, thanks guys




    is it possible to put a video into the slider, does it have to respect

    certain proportions in size?


    I guess it is feasable to display a video instead of text in a post location?


    is it possible to have no images at all in the Slider or in the first posts?




    Hi Syahir,

    Great theme, many thanks!

    Just on the slider, I’m trying to add the image using the ‘featured image’ as described, but can I add a ‘featured image’ without putting it in the post itself? (i.e. just to show int he slider?)

    Many thanks in advance and keep up the excellent work!

    Dave –



    just uploading it as the featured image for that post should only make it show up in the slider and not in the post.

    The Lady GM


    Andrew, in edit post, which icon do I click to add the featured photo? I am unclear.

    The Lady GM


    Oh, I just figured it out! Never mind.



    ‘just uploading it as the featured image for that post should only make it show up in the slider and not in the post.’

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the reply. If I upload the image this works, but do you – or anyone else – know how I can use an image URL to set the featured image (without it going into the post) instead of uploading an image directly? The reason being I am using images from

    Many thanks in advance,

    Dave –

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