Slider image size???

  • ebb


    We love this theme but have have one question before we can go live. We want to know the exact slider image size in pixels so we can design it in photoshop and upload it without having to edit it in the theme. We’ve tried adjusting the image little by little to see how it looks on the home page with no luck.

    We’re using feature images for each page. We formatted 649×210 (which is what we found in firebug) with a solid border and the border appears to be incorrect. After uploading feature image it appears to be correct at top but shorter on sides and larger on bottom. We’re using 2 column mode with 625×295.

    We’ve edited CSS to remove the black excerpt box with text and have a feeling this may be the problem but not sure how to correct.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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