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    One more question and I’ll leave you alone for a few days.

    Can you explain why the posts/pages don’t display in order when viewing live on the site. What is the logic the slider is following? Let’s say I input a combination, in the admin panel, of pages and posts into the slider like this 1,3,2,4,6,5

    When viewing live, the slider may show 1,4,6,3,5,2

    I’ve tried entering the values one at a time… but at a certain point, the slider manipulates the order.

    No rush.

    Thank you.


    Syahir Hakim


    This issue has been bugging me as well, and I’m still looking for a solution to it.. It seems like WordPress is having trouble sorting when you mix posts and pages.



    Ohhh, a challenge… I like those!!

    I’ll look and play around with coding and see if I can find a solution. I’ll post back with what I find.

    I was looking for a “routine” with how the posts/pages were being displayed. I was thinking maybe all posts first, followed by all pages. But this isn’t necessarily how it works.

    I’ll keep playing with it and post any findings.


    Syahir Hakim


    OK, found it. Just use the code from the Sort Query by Post In plugin. Proper credits given, of course.

    How I love open source.



    I’m already excited!!

    Two questions:

    1. Which file should I make this adjustment? I’ve been looking and can’t find the function calling the query.

    2. The plugin suggested is for 3.1.4. Do you see any issues using this with 3.2.1?

    Thank you!


    Syahir Hakim


    1. I’ll include the feature in the next update. There’ll be no need to install that plugin.

    2. No issue, unless the WP_Query class undergoes significant changes, which I doubt very much it will.



    Right on. I just figured it out. It works perfectly!!

    Thank you to a brilliant coder!!

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