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  • carmelamarie


    Hi Syahir,

    Can you please tell me where I can change the size of the image in the slider? It’s currently at thumbnail size of 150x150pixels, and I would like to make it bigger/larger. Please help.


    Syahir Hakim


    No simple way to do this. You’d have to modify the theme’s code or add a new slider function using a child theme.



    It’s okay for me to modify even if there’s no simple way to do this. Please tell me where in the theme’s code to modify and what to modify.


    Syahir Hakim


    Basically there’s two things that you need to do:

    1. Define a new thumbnail size using the add_image_size() function inside your (child theme’s) functions.php file.

    2. Modify the theme’s functions.php file to use the new thumbnail size. In version 1.1.2, modify line 944 to look like this:

    <?php echo graphene_get_slider_image($post->ID, array(150, 150, true)); ?>

    Change the values in the array(150, 150, true) part to reflect the width and height of the new image size that you have created in Step 1.

    When you do this, all new pictures uploaded will have a thumbnail created according to the new image size you defined, in addition to the WordPress’ default image sizes, which you can then use as the size for the image slider.



    Syahir, I’ve already tried lots of things but I can’t seem to make this work. The image is still the same size. Please help. Can you please let me know the exact details for your Step 1 above? What is the exact code for that? And where should that code be placed, in what line number? Or if you have a simpler solution than this, please let me know. Really need this. Thanks.



    Hi Carmela

    If You want the slider picture bigger, there might be another way 🙂

    Its not easy to show You anything when you dont supply link to site!

    Then again, try click my Gravatar.. thats it 🙂




    Wow! Kim! I liked what you did to your site! Please teach me how you made your slider picture bigger! I tried the child-theme-thing but it has actually messed up everything. 🙁 Please, please teach me. Help!



    Hi Carmela Marie

    Remember to add URL/link to Your site.

    That aside, here goes:

    Then again, I can help You with Child Theme 🙂




    Hi Kim,

    Both ways (Syahir’s and yours) are not working for me. 🙁 I’ve already tried lots of ways to implement Syahir’s solution but it still doesn’t work. I’ve tried yours too, but no success for me. 🙁 I’m using Graphene 1.1.2. The url for my site is . Sorry if I didn’t give this url before, as it’s still a bit messy and boring as I’m not yet done working on the site. Please help. Thanks.



    Hi Carmela

    When Im looking at Your site there is some Changes made in The Themes Core files. If You really want to Control this Project down the line, my first advice must be to make The Graphene Child Theme with the changes You have made in style.css and maybe other files. Take Your time & read (only) the first post with links here:

    Then come back with any Question 🙂


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