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  • carrie01


    I have an image in a page with some text which shows in my slider. I cannot get the complete image to show. It keeps cropping the bottom of the image. I have tried deleting and resizing the image and re-uploading it. I have tried setting the slider to show first image in post or featured image and setting it as the featured image in the page edit. Nothing seems to stop the image being cropped at the bottom. I have used Firebug and played around with the padding and margins but it doesn’t seem to affect the image. I can’t think what else to do? I am using localhost.


    Kenneth John Odle





    Sorry as I said I’m using localhost.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Hard to say.

    Are you using a child theme? Any custom functions? If so, try switching back to regular Graphene and seeing if that makes a difference.

    If not, try disabling your plugins and uploading a new image to see what happens.



    Thanks. I have sorted out the problem. I had quickly done the resizing in Microsoft Live but once I had resized in everything seems ok. Not sure why but it’s working.

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