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    This is my first post. My first difficulty.

    In my slider, the spotlight image of a post that I set is not centered.

    It is repeating.

    On my localhost it’s not happening.

    Can anyone help me?

    It is the image of the post “Concurso SENADO 2012” in

    Is the first image of the slider to appear.




    It is because that image is only 640×240. Your other two photos are both 805×240.

    Redo your first image, but save it as 805×240. Use that image instead, and you should see the tiling disappear.



    Thanks Josh for your quick response.

    This is strange.

    Because the image resolution is 2439X1200 on my computer.

    I’m confused. :X

    Could this be happening when I send the image to the server? This exchange of resolution.



    Could this be happening when I send the image to the server? This exchange of resolution.

    Perhaps. I’m not entirely sure of the exact “behind-the-scenes” when using slider images.

    However, if you are using a photo editing software, I would suggest the end goal of your images to be saved at 805×240… since that is the dimensions of your slider.

    So, you can make it at 2439×1200 (or whatever), but before you save it, reduce it to 805×240.

    This will allow you to see EXACTLY what is going to be displayed in the slider. If you work with larger (or smaller) images, and leave it to wordpress to “figure out” what dimensions to use… you’re going to get a bad migraine 😉



    Hey Josh.

    Thank you for your help until now.

    I am not get right.

    Probably I am doing something wrong.

    I did everything you said but I couldn’t make it work.

    I tried edit the image with GIMP and mspaint but I didn’t have sucess.

    I am still trying.



    I just make it work.

    What was the procedure: Menu >> Media >> Library

    I edited the image and changed the resolution to 837 X 250.

    It worked.

    The best solutions are the simplest.

    Thank Josh.

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