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    I would like to know how can I activate the panel of Slider Image, I am using the last version, and the idea is to set up a panel of slide image in every page. If you can help me with that I will appreciate very much

    David Lay Herrera

    Mojito House Assistant Manager


    Kenneth John Odle


    What are your current slider settings? By default, the slider displays posts, although you can change this in the settings.

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    I would like to display photos

    what can I do in order to do that



    I have been looking on the settings and I can not find that option

    I was looking in Media or in Writing

    but nothing


    Kenneth John Odle


    The Graphene slider is best suited for displaying posts and/or pages, as opposed to images. If all you want to do is display photos, your best bet is probably to disable it and use an image slider plugin. There are several available, so it pays to try out a few to see which one is easiest to use and/or customise.



    I have a slider on my home page and the Title of each slide comes up and I would like to remove it. Can u tell me what I need to do and where I need to put it. I am using WordPress 3.5.



    Kenneth John Odle



    As yours is a separate topic, please start a separate topic for this, and include a link to the site in question. The site linked to in your profile is not a Graphene site.

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