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    I skimmed the first two search results pages and didn’t see a whole lot of specifics about this. I apologize in advance if you’ve answered this a thousand times. I’ve tried adjusting the sizes of two different images in an effort to format for the slider. No matter I do, they look horrible. Adjusting the sizes doesn’t seem to alter their live appearance at all. I’m pretty frustrated because I’m fairly satisfied with the site’s appearance otherwise, but there’s no way I’d be willing to put up with this on a regular basis. Disabling the slider defeats the purpose of the theme IMO, especially for a clothing store. HELP!!!!!



    Rebuild your slider images using AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild



    Hi Prasanna,

    I had a problem with my slider images and posted about it yesterday. Syahir also told me to use the AJAX thumbnail rebuild but it didn’t seem to work. I’m not sure why.. I posted this a few hours ago:

    I tried to use the AJAX rebuilding thumbnails plugin on my site, but it doesn’t seem to work for me. The images on my slider are still repeating and shifted to the left. The only thing that has changed is now the images are also shifted upwards a little! The full size images I’ve used for the slider are 960X230, which is what worked before the 1.6 update. Is there something else I can do?

    My site again is

    Thanks in advance!



    Hi, please check my reply in the following thread and see if it helps:



    Thanks for the replies! I found that images must measure exactly 944 × 304 to fit the slider. Although it depends on the image as some look ok because their nature size is similar. It just depends on how picky you are I guess.

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