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    On my website:, I have 70 posts. All of which have images which at one time or another have appeared in slider on front page.

    Now image will not appear on slider on home page. I’ve read all posts in the image section and find no reference to this issue.

    Am freaking out here. Loud and ugly. LOL. ANY HELP FROM ANYONE WOULD BE APPRECIATED.

    No more coffee for me.




    I can see images on slider here. Look at the screen shots below,



    Yes, all pages previously, but not today. When I posted, “Locally grown” article, it quit working.

    I have changed no settings. So, I don’t know what to do now.



    So whats your problem? Slider is still displaying images. I took the above screen shots few minutes back.



    Thank you thank you for talking to me.

    The most recent slider image is NOT displaying. That’s my problem. I cannot get it to display. All the previous ones DO DISPLAY. But the most recent one does NOT display.



    Ah! Got it!

    Slider is displaying default slider image – i.e instead of

    Am I right?



    Yes sir. it is showing default image.

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